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Wire Used in Jewelry Making:

Here is an overview of the kinds of wire we use to sculpt our handcrafted jewelry.

14kt Gold Filled Wire
14kt Rolled Gold Wire
This is one of the primary materials we use since it has the beautiful gold luster of pure gold wire, at a fraction of the cost. Not to be confused with Gold Plated wire which has only a very small electroplated amount of gold covering, rolled gold wire will contain about 100 times the gold amount of plated wire. It is also known as Gold Filled, a name given by the process of creating tubes of gold which are then filled with less precious metals like brass. We use 14kt/20 rolled gold wire which means that 20% of the wire, it's outer layer, is made of 14kt gold. Modern processes actually roll brass wire to bond it with it's sizable coating of 14kt gold for maximum durability.

The process of creating rolled gold (aka Gold Filled) metal has been around for some time, and that's evidenced by the selections of jewelry made of it that date back many, many years. Since the thick outer layer is made of gold, it will shine for years to come and be virtually indistinguishable from pure 14kt gold wire.

Pure 14kt Gold Wire: This is available by special request only, with upfront payments and a limited money back guarantee since it is so much more expensive to construct than rolled gold wire jewelry. It looks the same as rolled gold wire sculpted jewelry, but will be a little heavier.

Sterling Silver WireSterling Silver Wire: We use only Sterling Silver grade wire for sculpting. It has a purity level of 92.5% silver. This shiny metal makes wonderful jewelry and will last for years to come. It particularly compliments darker gemstones and related materials as it makes for a wonderful contrast. Sterling Silver wire lends itself beautifully to being sculpted as you will see if you check out our catalog of items.

Craft Wire:  Given the high cost of precious metals, we've started working in other craft wires readily available on the market. Some are tarnish resistant, but all in this category will generally use a variety of blended metals for the desired effect. This can include Nickel Silver, Copper, aluminum and other alloys. Craft wire should not be worn by those with specific metal allergies as the specific makeup of the particular metals used is rarely specified. These kinds of wire can make lovely jewelry and sometimes are even finished with exciting colored epoxy coatings or tinted within the wire by various metal combinations.

We hope you enjoy our jewelry.

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