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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye


Tiger's Eye is named such due to it's resemblance to the feline's eyes.  Found together with Hawk's Eye, Tiger's Eye is created when the iron content from the decomposed crocidolite has oxidized to a into shades of brown, while retaining it's fibrous structure. 

Tumbled Tiger's Eye
Tumbled Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye Rough Gemstone
Rough Tiger's Eye gemstone before polishing

Deposits are found in Australia, South Africa, Burma (Myanmar), Namibia, India and the United States.  Tiger's eye is often used in jewelry due to it's striking appearance and luster.

Color:  Gold-yellow, gold-brown
Mohs' Hardness Scale:  6.5 to 7.0
Density:  2.58 to 2.64
Transparency:  Opaque

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