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Peridot is generally found as a lovely green gemstone that is prized by many. It is the birthstone for August and within mineralogy circles, is also know as Olivine, due to it's olive-green coloring.  Peridot sports a vitreous and greasy luster and can burst under great stress.  It is most often faceted, although tumbled smaller specimens are also used in jewelry.

Peridot cut gemstones

Deposits are found in Myramar (Burma), Australia, China, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, and Arizona in the U.S..

Peridot Rough

Color:  Yellow green, olive green, brownish
Mohs' Hardness Scale:  6.5 to 7
Density:  3.28 to 3.48
Transparency: Transparent


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