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Malachite is well know for it's varying green coloring with distinctive bands that create a wood grain like affect.  It was sought after by ancient cultures of Greece, Egypt and even the Roman empire as a powder for eye shadow and of course, jewelry.  

Malachite is formed from copper-containing elements near or in copper deposits.  It is found in grape shapes, rounded nodules, cone shapes, stalactic and in rare cases, encrusted slabs.  Malachite is mined from various places with Shaba in Zaire, near Zambia, being one of the most important sources.  Deposits are also found in Chile, Australia, Zimbabwe, Nambia and even Arizona in the U.S. Can occasionally occur interspersed with Azurite, which makes for a beautiful contrast between the green tones of Malachite and the blue coloring of Azurite.

With a Mohs' hardness scale as little as 3.5, Malachite is not very hard, but still quite popular to use in jewelry due to it's distinctive and beautiful appearance.  Stones are best cut at an angle that best brings out the banding patterns.

Color:  Light to blackish-green, with bands
Mohs' Hardness Scale: 3.5 to 4
Density: 3.25 to 4.10
Transparency: Opaque, translucent

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