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 Picture Jasper

A member of the Chalcedony species, Jasper comes in many different varieties. It's is derived from the Greek word which means "spotted stone." This dense, finely grained stone, can contain up to 20 percent foreign materials which actually determines it's color streak and appearance for categorization.

Jasper is found worldwide and comes in colors like red, brown, yellow, gray and green. Black and Blue are the most rare colors found.


Agate Jasper: (jaspagate) Yellow, brown or blended green, grown within agate

Picture Jasper: (aka Picasso Jasper) [shown above] Has very unique designs within the stone, often appearing as if a painted design is there.

Egyptian Jasper: (Nile pebble) A strong red or yellow color.

Banded Jasper: Wide banded, layered structure.

Basanite: (touchstone) Black with fine grain. Often used by goldsmiths and jewelers for streak-tests of precious metals.

Hornstone: (chert) Gray, brown-red, with a very fine grain. Sometimes rare specimens are green or black.

Scenic Jasper: Iron oxide causes brown markings that resemble a landscape.

Leopard Jasper
Leopard Skin Jasper
So named because of it's spotted appearance. Can include black coloring which adds contrast.

Moukaite Jasper: Pink to light red, with a cloudy look.

Plasma Jasper: Usually dark green, but may have white or yellow spots

Peruvian Jasper
Peruvian Jasper:
Well banded with green coloring primarily.

Zebra Jasper
Zebra Jasper
Strong stripes of green or black resemble a Zebra's stripe.

Aqua Terrace Dyed Jasper
Aqua Terrace Dyed Jasper:
  Sold generally by the Aqua Terrace moniker, this jasper accepts dyes well and is often dyed with brilliant colors as shown in the ones shown here.

Iron Zebra Jasper
Iron Zebra Jasper:
  Shows strong striking patterns.

Color: All Colors, striped or spotted
Mohs' Hardness Scale: 6 1/2 - 7
Density: 2.58 - 2.91
Transparency: Opaque

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