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We've decided that our ElizaWire Jewelry Facebook Page is probably the best place to leave our thoughts, news, ideas and information so please check us out at:  www.facebook.com/elizawire  and we hope you will follow us as well there but we'll put some of our posts from there on this page as well



April 6th, 2013

We've started this Blog to capture some of our thoughts and experiences of our jewelry making adventure. 

Here we'll detail the trials and tribulations of making and selling our jewelry.  We'll,...hopefully not too many trials as it's generally a lot of fund and we hope to share some of that experience with you here.

Keep checking in and you'll find our latest posts in the coming weeks as things happen and thoughts come to mind. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to make it an interesting place to visit and hopefully for you to find our jewelry.

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What is your Birthstone?

January:  Garnet   

February:  Amethyst  

March:  Aquamarine, Bloodstone  

April  : Diamond  

May:  Emerald  

June:  Alexandrite, Pearl, Moonstone  

July:  Ruby  

August: Peridot, Sardonyx  

September:  Sapphire  

October: Rose Zircon, Opal, Tourmaline

November:  Topaz  

December:  Blue Zircon, Turquoise